EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. D.O.P. Hills of Trasimeno


Color- Yellow/Green. Hint Fruity Olive Good both on the nose and on the palate. The degree of bitterness is excellent and the spiciness good.

25% Moraiolo
50% Leccino Polyphenols 448
10% Rosciola
15% Crusher

Acidity 0.17
Polyphenols 448
Peroxides 6.8


How it is produced:

Through careful and respectful cultivation of Nature we obtain a unique product of the highest quality, guaranteed by our desire to maintain traditional olive growing with historic, often centuries-old olive groves, which characterize the landscape of the area in which we live. We therefore combine modern techniques and ancient knowledge to produce a healthy and genuine olive.
The attention to the methods of cutting the annual prunings, the shredding of the resulting branches, carried out in the field so as to restore fertility to the soil, are some examples.
During the harvesting days the olives are kept airy and in the shade with great care, in order to slow down their deterioration and they are pressed within a maximum of 12 hours, in a continuous cycle mill, in the absence of oxygen and cold.
All these attentions generate an extra virgin olive oil above the average which is also allowed the recognition of Protected Origin (DOP) Colli del Trasimeno which we offer to families attentive to health and the environment.

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